About the PTS

Learn about the Po­lit­ic­al Ter­ror Scale pro­ject, the team of re­search­ers, and how we meas­ure and code hu­man rights vio­la­tions.

News & Updates

Find the lat­est news and up­dates for The Po­lit­ic­al Ter­ror Scale data col­lec­tion pro­ject — as well as links to the lat­est pub­lic­a­tions by mem­bers of the PTS re­search team.

Data and Download

Ex­plore and down­load the lat­est re­lease of the PTS and SVS data — cov­er­ing hu­man rights rights re­cords from 1976 to 2022.


Browse our bib­li­og­raphy of schol­arly pub­lic­a­tions study­ing hu­man rights by means of the Po­lit­ic­al Ter­ror Scale data.