The SAGE Handbook of Human Rights

The SAGE Handbook of Human Rights comprises a two volume set consisting of more than 50 original chapters that clarify and analyze human rights issues of both contemporary and future importance. The Handbook takes an inter-disciplinary approach, combining work in such traditional fields as law, political science and philosophy with such non-traditional subjects as climate change, demography, economics, geography, urban studies, mass communication, and business and marketing. In addition, one of the aspects of mainstreaming is the manner in which human rights has come to play a prominent role in popular culture, and there will be a section on human rights in art, film, music and literature.

Not only will the Handbook provide a state of the art analysis of the discipline that addresses the history and development of human rights standards and its movements, mechanisms and institutions, but it will seek to go beyond this and produce a book that will help lead to prospective thinking.


“This Handbook covers almost every aspect of the present state of human rights studies. Its contributions, drawn from virtually all parts of the world, are of a very high standard. It will be extremely useful for human rights teaching and research.”

Guimei Bai Peking University Law School

“The volumes do well to cover mainstream topics, including major international treaties and institutions and the protection of categories of rights, such as women, LGBTs, and persons with disabilities, among others. The set is also interdisciplinary; the unique chapters on business and economics, climate change, art and music, and even the intersection of human rights with celebrities and sports make it stand out.

This would be a nice addition to reference collections at institutions where human-righrs courses are regularly taught. In addition, educators in political science or law at the undergraduate level would likely find this set a useful resource for preparing classes, with some chapters being assigned as required reading. …

Summing Up: Highly recommended. Undergraduate, graduate, and research collections”

A.G. Reiter Mount Holyoke College

The set is available from SAGE.